Documentation Ingestion


Mendable Platform

You can ingest data entirely through our platform or you can contact us directly here. If you have filled out the form and haven't heard back, please email us at

or you can ingest data through our API.

Keeping your data updated (Auto Sync)

Mendable now offers reingestion for all users through the dashboard. To activate it, go to the Manage Indexes page. After you ingested from a data source that is supported (Website/Docs, GitHub, Notion, Zendesk + others), an auto sync option will appear in the Manage indexes page. You can then activate it and this will auto sync your data every 24 hours.

If you previously had a CRON job that was manually set up, it won't show up in the Auto Sync tab just yet.

Mendable API

The Mendable API is designed to ingest your data sources programatically. You can use the API to ingest your data sources and then use the Mendable platform to manage your data sources.

Take a look at our API documentation to learn more about how to ingest your data sources.