Chat Based Search

The future of search is now. Learn how to implement Mendable Search in your product.

import { MendableSearch } from '@mendable/search'}
<MendableSearchBar anon_key={MENDABLE_ANON_KEY} style={style} />


Getting started

Learn how to get Mendable Search set up in your React project.


Step-by-step guides to setting up your system and installing the library.


React components ready to plug and play


Integrate with Docusaurus + other providers easily


Build freely on top of our API.

Quick start

Before you begin

You will need to have a Mendable Search credientials. If you don't have one, you can get one by going to and clicking the 'Get Started' or 'Talk to us button'.

What is Mendable?

Mendable provides chat-powered search to developer facing companies through components. It allows you to provide detailed, accurate, and contextually relevant answers to your customers' questions based on your own documentation. Mendable API is a tool that can be used to integrate Mendable's advanced language model capabilities into your own applications.


npm install @mendable/search


import { MendableSearchBar } from "@mendable/search"
<MendableSearchBar anon_key='YOUR_ANON_KEY'/>